Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0: Week 5

Hargun Kaur
1 min readMar 7, 2021

End of this mentorship program: WEEK 5 ;)

This week was majorly focus was on “Creating Our Presence”.

Try to be active over linked IN as companies like facebook ,etc . Do recruiter people with good personal branding on linked in .

Try Build connection with people , build a strong network to learn and grow over Linked In.

  1. Always keep ur social media profiles up to date
  2. Building a portfolio Website is also a good way to showcase one achievements, projects and a more attractive way to represent resume.
  3. Extend the connection to hiring managers and recruiters, it might help you in the hiring process.
  4. You can build resumes using websites like overleaf , novoresume
  5. You can also feature your posts at linked

It was a great learning experience with WOMEN WHO CODE: Delhi and my mentor Sanchi Bisht.

Kudos to the team and my mentor for showing great enthusiasm for us to learn and explore.

HAPPY WOMEN’s day !!



Hargun Kaur

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