Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0: Week 4

As I was not having call-in week 4 due to exams so was working according to the guidance of my mentor Sanchi Bisht for week 4.

In week 4, I was promoted to CodeChef 3 star. Not a big level thing but yeah I was stuck at 2 star codder for since long. Sanchi Mam helped me to know the write criteria to work and just maintain to solve more questions to improve your competitive programming.

Tips that helped me where :

  1. Learn new concepts, even it's tough still, try.
  2. Solve as many questions as possible but of good quality.
  3. Try solving a question that is just a little above ur level and constantly starts increasing the difficulty level. (Leetcode, A2oj ladders can be tried ).
  4. And the Pro-tip just starts solving.

Just start it .!!




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Hargun Kaur

SWE Intern @GitHub USA’21 | Upcoming Intern ‘22@ Microsoft | Founder @Codeflow | MLH Summer & Fall (Software Engineering track) Fellow’21 | Microsoft Engage’21|