Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0 : Week 2

Hargun Kaur
2 min readFeb 16, 2021

So the second week of my mentorship program started , We were asked by our mentor to list down your personal goals which you want to achieve by the end of this 5 week program and she can help through !.

My mentor Sanchi Bisht , asked us to the schedule our one to one meeting calls , so that we can have more personal guidance about the tracks we need to follow .

I selected tuesday 5–6 pm . My both the teammates selected for Monday 5–6 and 6–7 pm . The call went for 1 hour we had a long , enthusiastic and self motivating discussion about various topics , my mentor was so humble to answer all my questions.

Come to the highlights of discussions :

> Does codechef , codeforces ratings matter ? Does being a six star helps ?How can I growing my DSA and competitive programming ?

Yes , codechef , codeforces rating don't matter as far as you are able to ace Coding round with DSA . Rating do adds some brownie points to your resume but its not the specific criteria to get into BIG COMPANIES !! Competitive programming improves your DSA and hence if you are a good competitive programmer you would have a better hold on your DS and algo section.

If you are not into competitive programming Interview bit question may help alot ..

>What things I must keep in mind while giving an interview?

  1. Always be confident with your approach to tackle solutions.
  2. If you may not always crack the solution but make interviewer clear a lot your outlook to solve a certain problem.
  3. MOCK interviews may help.

>How can try off-campus placements ? Does I always need a referral ?

No , referral is not the only way to go for off campus . You can apply to programs like AMAZON wow , Adobe women in tech , flipkart grid 3.0, and much more .

>What sort of projects I should build ?

Build what you like and helps you to polish your skills . Choose one framework and get started .! thats its .

I also asked her to give review about some of my application essay type questions and make it more impressive . This we week i literally learned alot !.

But what really impacted me was the thought , start doing ! either take baby steps but do take steps towards your milestones . Eagerly waiting for next week signing off !!.



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